martedì 28 dicembre 2010

unwrapping myself!

Layering is a philosophy. Layering is the warmest&coolest way to cover yourself during winter and I love it! I've been making a lot of DIY work in these days and the collar I'm wearing is one of the result.More DIY jewellery to come soon.
Girls, let me know your opinion about it!

sage vintage leather waistcoast (bondi beach, sydney), cascade wool knitted cardi, topshop wedges, vintage cape & asos long leather gloves, diy collar ON SALE(ask for it)

8 commenti:

  1. Ciao Silvia!
    Sono gia tra i tuoi lettori da ormai un mesetto!

  2. Hey there! Glad you found my blog because yours is amazing!! Of course I'm following!

  3. Isn't Maslo Design super cool! You can also get some of that jewelry on (just in case)!! Thanks for your super sweet comment!

  4. The end result is gorgeous!! Lookin' good girl, lookin' good! :-)

  5. Sylvia,

    Thank-you so much for your sweet comment on Travel Write Draw!! Your blog is beautiful. I love the big photos, your chic haircut, the pics of Milan. Of all my trips to Italy I have yet to make it there. I have signed up to follow you with google friend connect. I hope you will do the same.

    Much love,
    Meag xx

  6. eheh abbiamo la stessa tecnica... eppoi se ce lo insegnano Kate Lanphear o Rick Owens perché no?

    p.s.: grigio + nero = combinazione divina, impossibile farne a meno (anzi nel mio caso ormai è l'unica che uso, purtroppo...)


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